Paper Submission - AEME Forum 2014, Sheffield Hallam University, Author Guidelines. Wed 2nd July - Fri 4th July 2014.

The conference programme is to be split into four strands. Papers will be accepted into the four strands and across any type or classification of event. For example, sports events/business events/personal events/festivals/music events/cultural events; or by size from small community events to large/mega events. The four strands are based around:

    1. Pedagogy & professional practice
    2. Place
    3. Product
    4. People

1. Pedagogy and professional practice (Education). Events management education papers, case studies, HE issues, research/practice based pedagogic papers. Or, papers related to professional practice, practitioner case studies, industry best practice case studies.

2. Place (Regional development). Local/regional impact of events, working with local stakeholders and the importance of place/space in events. This stand also includes the role of events in regional development and destination planning, sustainability and health.

3. Product (Event experience and design). Event experience, event design, experiential events, hybrid events, virtual events and augmented reality.

4. People (Human side of events). Stakeholder involvement, workforce, sponsorship, delegate experience and managing volunteers.


Authors are invited to present one of three types of paper/poster.


This is one side of A4. The poster can be related to be one of the four strands listed above. Posters must be submitted as a PDF or equivalent. They will be produced by the conference organisers in hard copy form to be presented during the conference. No abstract is required and final posters need to be submitted by Friday 23rd May 2014.

Working Paper / Presentation

A working paper will be accepted in one of the four strands listed above. Working papers will be considered from authors who have ideas at a very early stage of development through to authors that may be close to completing a full academic paper. We strongly encourage working papers from academics and practitioners who wish to share their ideas with the AEME community for feedback.

Full Paper (3000 - 5000 words)

A full paper will be accepted in one of the four strands listed above. Full papers will be accepted from academics and practitioners who have completed work and are now ready to disseminate further. The best 10 papers will be re-produced in the conference proceedings.


Call for papers Dec 2013
Deadline for paper abstracts Friday 14th March 2014
Feedback to paper authors Friday 11th April 2014
Re-submitted paper abstracts Friday 2nd May 2014
Final Posters Friday 23rd May 2014
Full papers Friday 30th May 2014

Submission process

1. Abstract (working and full papers only)

Authors are invited to first submit an abstract for consideration by the Scientific Committee. Abstracts to be between 500-700 words. Within the abstract please include:

      • The type of paper (full or working)
      • The programme strand:
        1. Pedagogy & professional practice
        2. Place
        3. Product
        4. People
      • The topic/subject of the paper
      • The aims/objectives of the paper
      • How the research/work/case study was undertaken or produced
      • An indication of the value of the findings/work
      • A summary of the findings and any recommendations if appropriate
      • Up to five key words listed that capture the focus of the paper

To submit an abstract please visit the AEME 2014 Conference website:

2. Final submission

If accepted, authors will be informed by the Scientific Committee. Further instructions on the submission guidelines for the papers will be given after the abstract deadline. All abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings.

Scientific committee

A Scientific Committee will be responsible for peer reviewing the abstract submissions. Howard Lyons, Visiting Research Fellow at SHU, will chair this group.

Further questions please contact Liz Sharples, Principal Lecturer, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University via email on:

Key Dates

Early bird registration
Friday 9 May 2014

Final delegate registration
Friday 13 June 2014